Custom Cabinets for Melbourne Homes

Good storage solutions will give you more space to enjoy your home and will add to the value of your Melbourne property. We can create custom cabinets for entertainment units, al fresco areas, garages and staircase spaces – anywhere you need storage.

When planning your cabinetry, you’ll need to consider the size of the space and how many cabinets you require. Measure your room dimensions including length, width and height to the nearest millimetre and take note of existing features such as electrical points and window positions.


Versatile Cabinetry

Our cabinets are constructed from quality Australian-made moisture-resistant (MR) board. We use the very best European cabinet hardware, including soft-close hinges and soft self-closing drawer slides.



All cabinet carcasses are manufactured from quality Australian-made 16mm MR board, including backs and tops.

Components are all computer cut and routered to ensure accuracy and consistency. All are pre-drilled and edged. No staples are used – every panel is screwed in place and every screw is capped where visible.

Standard cabinet sizes can be downloaded:

Standard sizes can be modified to suit your individual needs. Cabinet heights and shelving is fully adjustable.

Drawer Units

We use the highest quality imported European hardware in the manufacture process. Drawer units are made with high metal sided drawer slides and solid 16mm drawer bottoms. Standard drawer units have soft, self-closing mechanisms.


There are plenty of materials and finishes to choose from to create the perfect look for your study. For more information, visit our materials page.

Door Finishes

Depending on your preference, doors can be finished in matt, sheen, satin, gloss or raw. Glass doors can be clear or frosted – we believe choice is everything.

Door Hinges and Handles

All doors are installed with Hettich hinges in standard or soft close. Handles are available in different styles, colours, sizes and brands. Or you may wish to achieve a sleek, minimalist look with handleless cabinet doors.

For more ideas on designing custom cabinets for your Melbourne home’s outdoor area and other spaces, visit our Dandenong showroom at 222-224 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South.