Design Your Kitchen

Home of Kitchens will guide you through the kitchen renovation journey from your dream to the completed product.


Work out your requirements with our comprehensive planning guide. Consider your layout; work zones and traffic flow; appliances; position of existing fixtures windows and doors; storage needs and options; and materials and finishes.


We outline the process involved in getting your kitchen renovation underway. From obtaining a quote, ordering, signing off on the production drawings and delivery. Just one more decision – do you want a DIY kitchen or a professional kitchen installation?


What is your kitchen style? Know what style you are trying to create as you choose your materials. Take a look at modern/contemporary, rustic, streamlined/minimalist, cottage and Mediterranean styles.

Cabinet materials

Find out all the options for selecting your cabinet carcasses, drawers, and doors.

Benchtops, Sinks and Splashbacks

Choose from a fantastic range of benchtop materials, sink designs and splashback ideas. Your choice is everything.


Complement your kitchen design with a range of accessories. Discover storage solutions for the pantry; tricky corners; spice, wine, and oil; waste bins and undersink spaces; and drawers. Find out how LED can illuminate your work space.


Get tips on how to keep costs down and still create the look you are trying to achieve. Consider alternative materials and our DIY kitchen installation option.