Accessories for your Melbourne Kitchen

Home of Kitchens stocks plenty of accessories to complement your kitchen design. Do you have a lot of room to play with? Or would your kitchen benefit from space-saving tools? Are you looking for affordable and practical or are you creating a statement?

Pantry Accessories

Your pantry can be as big or as small as you desire. In fact, the trend in many larger houses is to create a butler’s pantry – a walk-in pantry with its own out-of-sight preparation area. If space is an issue, check out our space-saving tools such as the pull-out pantry, slide and rotate pantry or contoured shelving so that all contents of the pantry are easily visible.

Tricky Corners

Gone are the days of kneeling in front of that corner cupboard and twisting your arms in all directions trying to access the contents. Corner unit accessories for Melbourne kitchens are now available including spinning devices and engineered pull-out shelving.

Appliance Cabinets

Hiding away the microwave and other gadgets in an appliance cabinet is a great way to keep your kitchen free of clutter. Choose from plenty of styles including a pocket door (opens up and slides down each side of the cabinet), a sliding door, a concertina door or a regular cabinet door.


Will you require cabinetry for your rangehood? Or are you planning to get a stand-alone product? Cabinetry can be designed for pull-out rangehoods with handy features such as built-in spice storage.

Wine Racks and Oil Storage

Wine connoisseurs and entertainers should consider built-in wine racks. These are often located above or beside the fridge space and can be as small or large as you wish. Tuck away messy oil in purpose-built sliding drawers near the oven or cooktop.

Waste Bins and Undersink Organisers

Keep your garbage and recycling in order with waste bins of many configurations. These can be hidden away under the benchtop behind a pull-out door. Undersink organisers are a great idea for utilising that awkward space where the water pipes are located. Create extra space to store your detergents, sponges and brushes out of sight.

Drawer Organisers

Need some help organising all those new drawers? We have a range of handy accessories such as plate holders, drawer liners, and birch and stainless steel cutlery inserts to keep everything neatly in its place.


You may want to light up your benchtop with LED lighting installed under overhead cabinetry. Illuminate your work space and eliminate dark shadowy corners. LED strip lighting provides lights for small areas such as cupboard spaces or under benchtops.

Home of Kitchens uses the highest quality imported European internal fittings in the manufacturing process. For inspiration on accessories and space-saving options, view the Hettich catalogue.

For more kitchen accessories for your Melbourne renovation, visit our Dandenong showroom at 222-224 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South.